girl_in_prague: (eek!)
2009-11-16 10:28 pm

Happy happy happy...

It´s [ profile] nefernat ´s birthday today!! Everyone, sing with me on one, two, three...
threeee! )
Dearest Nath, you´re such, such a brilliant and rockalicious girl. Remember our first convo about the awesomeness of British!Spike in your icon? It feels like years ago... well, maybe because it was. Clearly in terms of online relationships we´re already ancient - I´m lucky like that.
So here´s to this year being a year that starts with change that is wonderful and productive and exciting and all that - here´s for a big upswing in all, yeah? So much love and good wishes going your way. hope that your cake was delicious and the year to come will be fabulous. Love you, sweets.